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Reach a global audience with your software and applications

Software localization is the process of translating the text and adjusting the functional elements of a software application so it can be used by consumers internationally. At MAXSUN we offer best-in-class methodology and the most advanced localization technologies to ensure that your software is ready for global consumption.

How we do it

At MAXSUN, we have the tools, technology, and expertise to localize your software into multiple languages. We can handle software strings in many different formats, including but not limited to Tab-delimited, CSV, Excel, XML, and XLIFF format. What’s more, our localization tools allow us to extract translatable text from EXEs, DLLs, and other resource files, as well as import the translations and adjust the graphical user interface as needed prior to exporting the final, localized executables or resource files.

Easy updated and patches

When localizing UI strings our common process is to use a translation memory (TM), which is a tool used to store text in both the source and target languages. Our translators then refer to the TM in order to guarantee a consistency of translation throughout the software. The strings are localized in order to remain compliant with the operating system terminology and adhere to length restrictions. This saves you money by eliminating re-work and allows us to identify and focus on new and updated text only.

The technologies we support
Microsoft Windows (all versions) Windows Mobile
Windows Server (all versions) Java
Macintosh OSX (all versions) Adobe AIR
iPhone/iPad iOS .NET
Android Oracle
Help systems we support
HTML Help Context Sensitive Help
Win Help Adobe AIR Help
Web Help Custom/proprietary help systems
Web Help Plus    
The tools we use
Alchemy Catalyst MadCap Flare
Enterprise™ MadCap Lingo
Sisulizer Adobe Flash and Flex
RoboHelp™ Adobe AIR
SDL Trados™ Our own custom-build software solutions
Microsoft Visual Studio™    

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  MAXSUN’s translations are characterized by excellent quality, timeliness and accuracy. I’ve had a deep look on the translation and I’m very satisfied about it! Good style! Please say thank you for your team for making this project a success again. We checked Dutch first as we are all native Dutch speakers here. First impression is that the Dutch translation is very good. Thanks again!





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