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The power of the globalized site breaks down barriers to the global market

Websites are used to inform your clients about your company, your product or your service. They are the virtual business card, the virtual information package, the virtual brochure that any client or visitor can read and hopefully find favorable.
MAXSUN is experienced in providing quality website translation and website localization services. With a collaborative team of linguists, programmers, designers and experienced project managers, whether you are translating your website for external use, or internal purposes, we will find the right solution for you.

We don’t just translate, we localize

Localization goes beyond translation, adapting your website in accordance with your target market’s tastes and cultural norms. We account for everything from currency and measurements to local habits and customs. Your site will feel as though it was tailored for your target audience.

Increase your company’s visibility overseas

Attract large audiences as well as cater to new clients, distributors, and employees in their language. Your website is not only found quickly in foreign search engines but once found, your prospects discover a full range of information, products, and services in their language. While your business may be new to the market, all search results display as though your business is fully established in those countries!

We work with your technology

No matter which web technology you work with, we can translate your site without much hassle. No more preparing and processing text for translation; depending on which method you chose, you either simply send us your files or your URL and we take it from there! We support all applications, scripts, flash, and we have the technical know-how to translate all text, adapt the code for the new language if necessary, and put it all together. For traditional website translation, we will provide you with a package, ready to upload to your web server.

Technologies we support
ASP Java
.NET Technologies MYSQL/MSSQL databases
PHP Oracle databases
Flash & Adobe AIR Fireworks
HTML Silverlight
XML (and variations) SharePoint
CSS Blogs
JavaScript CMS systems

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  MAXSUN’s translations are characterized by excellent quality, timeliness and accuracy. I’ve had a deep look on the translation and I’m very satisfied about it! Good style! Please say thank you for your team for making this project a success again. We checked Dutch first as we are all native Dutch speakers here. First impression is that the Dutch translation is very good. Thanks again!





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