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What Is ISO Certified Exactly? And Why Is It Important?

On the Office Desktop with Office Supplies is an office folder with the inscription ISO - International Organization for Standardization

Checks and balances must be in place in a global marketplace. Otherwise, consistency and quality would be difficult to maintain across industries and nations. International standards contribute to maintaining a level playing field, and ISO is one such body. ISO CERTIFICATION – WHAT IS IT? ISO certification verifies that a management system, manufacturing process, service, […]

How Do You Choose Your Language Service Provider [in 2021]

How do you choose your language service provider

When your business is faced with language needs or related demands during the process of globalization, such as: Translation of technical documentation (manuals, etc.) Transcreation of marketing text (websites, brochures, etc.) Subtitling, translation, dubbing, tuning, and editing of video and product audio. Consecutive or simultaneous interpretation for conferences and exhibitions. You need to seriously consider […]

8 Best Google Translate Alternatives [for 2021]

Nothing beats a flesh and bone translator, but regrettably, carrying a human about in your pocket is not that simple! Thus, when a quick translation is required, the cell phone comes in handy. Translation apps are the most fantastic solution whether you’re traveling to China, texting your Spanish partner, or trying to order butter chicken […]

5 Types of Business Documents Every Business Needs [in 2021]

Documents are used by businesses to communicate, do business, and analyze their productivity. Business documents range in complexity from simple email communications to sophisticated legal contracts. Certain documents are written by employees and business owners, while others are prepared by outside professionals such as accountants and lawyers. Because documents serve as proof of an organization’s […]

Technical Documentation: What Is It & How to Create It


As long as we have tools and software, we will require effective communication in order to effectively convey to others the usage, production, functioning, and architecture of these goods. WHY? Simply because technical communication skills are necessary for capturing information and assisting the audience in understanding the product or technology. While communication in the actual […]

The Difference Between Translation and Interpreting?

The Difference between Translation and Interpreting?

The language sciences of interpreting and translation are inextricably linked. Nonetheless, they are rarely performed by the same individuals. The disparity in abilities, training, aptitude and even language understanding is so great that few people can perform both professionally. On the surface, the distinction between interpreting and translation is merely one medium: an interpreter interprets […]

Definition of Technical Writing

As an Example of Technical Writing, a Woman Typing on Her Laptop

Technical writing is a subcategory of writing in which the author discusses a specific subject that requires direction, instruction, or explanation. The definition of technical writing may vary under different circumstances, but it is quite distinct from other types of writing, such as creative writing, academic writing, or business writing. Technical Writing’s Many Applications Technical […]

How can I get the best translation services?

The Importance of Having a Style Guide

Choosing the right translation service provider can differentiate between success and failure. If you are looking for the best translation service at the best price, you have come to the right place. Maxsun Translation offers a wide range of translation services from over 200+ languages, with expert translation, friendly service, fast turnaround, and competitive prices. […]

What Are the Features of Technical Writing?

What Are the Features of Technical Writing?

What are the basic features of technical writing? A technical document is a document that presents information about a specialized subject but also deals with typical users and their typical use. These documents are frequently prepared for professional audiences who use specialized equipment and tools and for students who do not have enough background in […]

What Are The Different Types Of Technical Writing?

What Are The Different Types Of Technical Writing?

5 Types of Technical Writing What Are The Different Types Of Technical Writing? To understand this, let’s see what technical writing is all about. A technical document is a document that describes an element of a program, hardware, or software and explains how it works. The purpose of technical documents is to describe the inner […]