Query Direct
Knowledge Management Redefined

Almost all translation projects produce queries, yet the value of queries is way too often ignored. Maxsun’s innovative knowledge management system helps you turn query knowledge into a database while streamlining the whole query process in your translation project. Less time spent, more value created!

Query Direct

Benefit Your Business with Queries

Higher Quality Achieved

Provide more query support to the translators and help them produce translations of higher quality.

Less Time Spent

The end-to-end solution not only increases your query processing rate but also reduces the project turnaround time.

More Cost Saved

More queries replied and reused, more of your time saved. Time is money.

Query Process

Direct Trados Plugin

Connect directly with the translators through a unique Trados plugin. Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming Excel-based query mode.

Reuse Queries Like a Termbase

Query will no longer be a one-time thing. All queries are archived and will be reused just like a termbase. More queries, better translations.

Import and Export in One Click

Query data can still be imported or exported through Excel with just one click, making it easier for anyone who doesn’t use Trados or prefer the offline way.

Customizable Roles and Workflows

Adjust your settings on roles and workflows at any time to boost your work efficiency.
Query Direct 答疑管理系统

Query Workflow in a Nutshell

Let your knowledge flow freely and efficiently through the help of the plugin and the internet.

Query Direct
Query Direct

Create a Query in Trados

After installing the Trados plugin, the translators can create and submit queries on highlighted content in the editor through the context menu with just one single click.

Reply to a Query in Your Browser

No installation of application or plugin required. Log in to the Maxsun query management web portal through your browser and process the queries anywhere and anytime.

Query Direct
Query Direct

Collect and Reuse Query Knowledge in Trados

Translators can receive query replies in real-time through the Trados plugin and will be able to reuse the query knowledge next time when similar issues occur. Translation productivity and quality greatly improved.

Query Direct Only at Maxsun

The web-based query management system and Trados plugin are all independently developed by Maxsun, with software copyright. Team up with Maxsun and let this unique language innovation benefit your business!