Professional Multilingual Translation and Localization

With 15 years of industry experience, we guarantee only the finest of multilingual translation services across 106 languages at the industry’s best rates. We are committed to high standards of quality and continuously improve upon technologies and management processes to deliver results that satisfy our clients.

Technical Translation

Highly accurate translation of user manuals, reference materials, websites, and more.

Software Localization

Streamlined localization of enterprise & consumer applications.

Website Localization

Adaptation of website content to international audiences.

We Are Industry Experts

To go global, one must first go local. Maxsun has the depth of industry expertise required to keep your brand relevant and relatable. Our dedicated team will work with you on linguistic and cultural localization in the following industries:

Information Technology

Consumer Electronics

Security and Surveillance


Retail and E-Commerce

Industry and Manufacturing

Information Technology

Consumer Electronics

Security and Surveillance


Retail and E-Commerce

Industry and Manufacturing

Source Quality Control

By a Team of Product and Language Experts

– A well-organized project can help reduce stress, save on costs, and deliver solid results. Before we begin, we:

Visualize Project Specifications

Our product-language experts communicate directly with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their products and then pass that firsthand knowledge to our linguists. This allows our linguists to better understand the product and ensures a more accurate translation.

Original Document Improvements

When confronted by poor quality source documents, product knowledge enables our experts to revise the original document, which in turn helps our linguists render more accurate translations into multiple languages.

Customer-oriented Solution

A streamlined translation solution ensures that all pertinent content is carefully for cross-language consistency across your business – reducing localization costs and time-to-market.

Nowadays, new product launches are essential to the survival of businesses fighting to rise above the competition. The success of these pivotal moments is shaped by accurate translations of your brand’s values. The better the translation, the more optimal the results.

Elite Team

Maxsun brings together a strong network of 3000 + professional and certified local linguists and industry experts to deliver localization solutions in over 106 languages. Only native linguists familiar with the ins and outs of your industry will be assigned to your project.

Our selection process begins by searching for experienced and highly qualified translators, who are then subject to comprehensive screening. Once they’re chosen and start working, linguists are continuously monitored and assessed in order to maintain our high standards of quality. We do not continue working with linguists who fail to meet our expectations. Those who perform well, however, will be encouraged to fine tune their skills as they collaborate with us and continue to improve.

The Industry’s Most Practical Linguist Management Process

Total Quality Management

Our Total Quality Management system involves a multistep process designed to review and assess the linguists and translation material at every stage. All our solutions strictly adhere to high ISO 9001 standards, guaranteeing excellent quality of deliverables.

Streamlined Workflow

We strictly comply with ISO 9001:2015, which specifies requirements for a quality management system to guarantee consistent quality services to our clients.

Linguist Selection and Management

Maxsun periodically updates and refines its linguist resource pool to ensure the most suitable linguists for your project.

Glossary Management

Maxsun provides value-added glossary maintenance services, improving consistency and quality across your documentation.

Translation Memory Management

All project output data is organized into databases in order to reduce costs and maintain the utmost quality and consistency for similar projects in the future.

TEP Process

Maxsun’s Translation – Editing – Proofreading (TEP) process is subject to ISO 9001 standards, with each of the step completed by a certified linguist team.

QA Technology

QA tools such as ApSIC Xbench or SDL Trados QA Checker are used on every project.