Content Services

Maxsun is your reliable partner in designing and building quality content that helps you reach global audience in any format, any language, and any industry possible.

Technical Writing

A well-written and user-friendly technical document shows your customers your commitment to quality.

Our professional and experienced technical writing experts help you improve your brand image, giving your product and company a leg up on the competition.

We Specialize In:

  • Information technology
  • Consumer electronics
  • Smart home & IoT
  • Equipment manufacturing

We Write

  • Software user manuals
  • Hardware quick start guides
  • SDK & developer guides
  • Operation manuals
  • Training manuals

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ISO 17100:2015 certified translation agency, a leading translation and localization service provider focusing on delivering high-quality services to clients across the globe

Copywriting & Marcom Writing

Whether in print, online, or any other format, appealing marketing, and promotional content is essential to your business. Team up with Maxsun’s professional copywriters to create eye-catching and persuasive Marcom pieces that keep motivating and inspiring your customers while maintaining continued exposure on the Internet.

We Create

  • Product/brand stories
  • Industry insights
  • SEO-friendly blog posts
  • Corporate news
  • Press release
  • Case studies
  • Interviews

Web Design & Website Translation

Digital content is playing an increasingly important role in different types of customer journeys and is now one of the most powerful tools preferred by professional marketers. Maxsun utilizes marketing experience and technical capability to help you better present and visualize your digital content and make your multilingual marketing campaign effortlessly effective.

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Always in Safe Hands

Rest assured that your requirements will be handled by only the best-in-class professionals. Our confidence in guaranteed deliveries lies in the high standards of our experts: Maxsun linguists and writers are not only excelling in linguistic expertise but also equipped with highly specialized domain knowledge.

Every word Maxsun will deliver comes from a perfect blend of linguistic and technical mastery so that your messages will get across exactly the way you like.

Our Clients

Our clients include well-known department store chains, multinational organizations, and many exporters and importers of all kinds of consumer goods worldwide.