Certified Translation Services

Maxsun, ISO 17100:2015 certified translation agency, is a leading translation and localization service provider focusing on delivering high-quality services to clients across the globe, especially in the industries like information technology, consumer electronics, security and video technology, telecommunications, retailing and manufacturing. 

We help our clients break through language barriers with a variety of professional solutions, including content creation services, translation services and interpretation services, language quality assurance, and desktop publishing.

Content Creation Services

Maxsun helps you create professional and accurate content from scratch, for either technical or marketing purposes, across a variety of different formats in any language you could think of. From technical writing, copywriting writing, to web content management, Maxsun’s experience and expertise can always facilitate your process of writing, designing, editing, and publishing high-quality content.

  • All Maxsun writers are native speakers of the target language, with sufficient subject matter knowledge.
  • Maxsun has maintained a constant partnership with industry-leading brands in content creation.
  • Our best-in-class writer team covers major languages in Asia and Europe.
Technical Writing Service

Technical Writing Service

Maxsun’s seasoned technical experts are ready to help you deliver high quality technical documents, including user manuals, quick start guides and datasheets, both online and printed, to reach out to your audiences in a professional and trusted voice.

Copywriting Services

Copywriting Services

Get your message across different groups of audiences and uphold your brand voice with appealing content. We know about your products and services as well as your target customer group. Our expert writers and writing process will provide you with a new perspective of how to expand into a market with an attractive content strategy.

MarCom Writing

Maxsun marcom writing types range from product/solution stories, success stories, brand stories, industry insights, case studies and product reviews. Our writers are not only native speakers, but also marketing specialists, attending to details while staying creative.

Press Release

Reconstruct your public relations strategy and enhance your industry presence with more focuses on professionally organized press release pieces, covering corporate news, product launch, event report, and interview.

Speech/Presentation Slides

Improve your audience experience in presentations, seminars, speeches, workshops, conferences, and webinars with quality content and design.

Web Design & Website Translation Serivces

Web Design & Website Translation Serivces

Empower your content marketing through the combination of writing and web design technology. From web documentation migration, web content writing, website creation, to SEO writing, Maxsun’s writing and technical capability will ensure your expected digital marketing results.

ISO Certified Translation Services

Maxsun is proud to join the few privileged industry leaders to receive the ISO 17100:2015, ISO 13485:2016 certification, one of the most recognized benchmarks for first-class language service.

Translation & Interpretation

For more than a decade, we have helped clients around the world translate, localize, and publish their contents as bridges between business and global customers. 

You can be rest assured that our trusted team of language service veterans will make your software, apps, multimedia contents, and websites look great. We are ready to deliver to anyone, anywhere, in any language and form required, and above all, exactly the way you intended.

Software Localization Service

Software Localization Services

User experience matters more than we could ever imagine, and that is why our understanding of localization has been long echoed by our clients. No matter it is software, apps, or hardware GUIs, we can adapt and optimize your products for better interaction experiences with your users to save your time and budget.

Technical Translation Service

Technical Translation Services

Maxsun offers professional technical translation services that blend native language knowledge and technology mastery. Our elite network of linguists and subject matter experts work closely with cutting-edge CAT (computer-aided translation) technologies to improve your connection with customers with more accuracy and credibility.

Interpretation Service

Interpretation Services

Considering localizing your real voice? Maxsun always has the right option for you. Whether it is an offline conference or an online webinar, we offer highly flexible on-premises or remote interpretation services, including simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, escort interpreting, all tailored to your needs.

Multimedia Translation Services

Multimedia Translation Services

Video and audio are now preferred by an increasing number of audiences. Maxsun’s multimedia translation solution includes voice-over, subtitling, dubbing, and post-production. You will have both high-quality digital content deliveries and peace of mind.

Transcreation Service

Transcreation Services

Creativity is often what can make a real difference for your marketing campaign. Maxsun transcreation services help you rethink your content from a genuinely creative perspective to enhance your market impact.

Choose Between 65+ Languages

Each member of our translation team is a full-time professional translator who has been rigorously verified and assessed on a regular basis to ensure that the quality of our translations is constant between languages.

Language Quality Assurance

Translation is never an end for language service, and the need for higher translation quality is ever-growing. Maxsun provides a complete solution of user-defined language quality assurance (LQA) services to assist you in the pursuit of accuracy, consistency, and adaptability of your translated content.

Linguistic Review

Our linguistic reviewers are all native speakers of your target languages and will help you review your translated contents from a linguistic view to ensure that your contents are error-free. Meanwhile, detailed evaluation reports that apply internationally recognized standards like LISA and SAE will give you a closer look at translation quality.

Language Assets Management

The value of glossaries, translation memory databases, and style guides are often underestimated, and taking good care of your language assets could mean reduction in cost and improvement in quality. Maxsun experts help you analyze, create, and improve your current language assets, and making language a boost to your global business.

Localization Testing

Localization testing focuses on the improvement of user experience and our testing services cover software and app UI, hardware GUI, and website. The testing will make sure your multilingual products or websites convey exactly the same experience as your original design.


Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Urdu are the most widely known RTL (right to left) languages. Maxsun is an expert in RTL solutions that tackles RTL issues for you.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing (DTP) is not just about making your contents look nice. At Maxsun, we highly value the power of design, and provide specialized DTP services including typesetting, source file recreation, template design, graphic design, and printing. 

Our DTP team has served a wide spectrum of clients from different sectors including corporate, government, education, healthcare, advertising, marketing, and publishing industries. Our goal is simple, attractive pricing, fast turnaround, and above all, great quality.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Source File Recreation
Source File Recreation
Template Design
Template Design

Maxsun translation company is a leading Desktop Publishing, Typesetting, Source File Recreation, Template Design, Graphic Design and Printing company in China. We service a wide range of business segments including corporate, government, educational, healthcare, advertising, marketing and publishing industries. Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations in quality, turnaround times, pricing, and service.

Case Study

As a leading global translation service provider, Maxsun has a lot of real-life translation case studies to share with you.