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Translate PDF Files for Free

Translate PDF files for free with Google Translate feature image

If you do not wish to pay a professional translation company to translate your PDF files, you may translate them for free using machine translation software such as Google Translate. Google Translate allows you to translate PDF files for free. Google Translate translates PDF files directly and for free. Click here to start the process. […]

Best Professional French Translation Services Agency

Best Professional French Translation Services Agency

Are you looking for a professional French translation services agency to help you with your translations? If so, read on for our top picks! What are the benefits of using a professional translation service? Translation can be time-consuming and expensive, so it is important to choose the right service for your needs. Here are some […]

9 Best Free Grammar Checker Tools to Make Editing Easier [for 2022]

9 Best Free Grammar Checker Tools to Make Editing Easier [for 2022]

Finding the most effective free grammar checker application is a challenging endeavor. You cannot manually search for grammatical faults in emails, lengthy blog posts, social media postings, documents, etc. if you have a large workload.

Maxsun Granted ISO 13485: 2016 Medical Devices – Quality Management Systems Certification


In May 2022, Maxsun Translation Shenzhen Co., Ltd. was officially granted ISO 13485: 2016 Medical Devices — Quality Management Systems — Requirements for Regulatory Purposes certification.

The Challenges of UGC Translation in the Internet Era

The Challenges of UGC Translation in the Internet Era

The Internet Era has completely changed the model of consumption, most obviously from traditional offline formats to online formats. This transformation means that from the acquisition of information to the evaluation of goods and services and final decision-making, every step of consumer behavior is full of data interaction, with one of the most representative steps […]

How ISO Certified Translations Help CE MDR Certification

Maxsun medical translation service - How ISO Standard Translations Help CE MDR Certification

The medical industry is playing an increasingly important role in the development of modern society and the improvement of living standards. Medical industry companies from around the world are striving to expand into more markets at a faster pace to capture more business opportunities, especially in the European market which has shown the most promise. […]

Language Varieties and Localization

Language Varieties and Localization feature image

Over the course of working with different types of clients in various industries, we often run into a problem — after completion and delivery of a translation, the client realizes that they needed translation into a different language. How does this happen? This issue is not due to a mistake in identifying the target language, […]

MTPE: Post-Editing or Pre-Editing?

MTPE: Post-Editing or Pre-Editing?

The Internet and AI era have given the age-old art of translation entirely new meanings. Just as with the AI boom started by AlphaGo just a few years ago, after more than 10 years of rapid development, machine translation has also drastically changed the translation industry. While in the past, translation was considered an AI-incompatible […]

The best Chinese translation services [2022]

Chinese translation services - MAXSUN is your gateway to all things Chinese

MAXSUN delivers high-quality, professional English to Chinese translation services through a vetted network of native Chinese translators located around the country. We provide English to Mandarin Chinese translation services in various fields, including technical, medical, legal, patents and intellectual property, software, engineering, and finance. To get an instant quote for Chinese translation services, please CLICK HERE. […]

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