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Are LSPs Just Middlemen?

Are LSPs Just Middlemen?

As globalization expands in depth and breadth, more and more large enterprises have begun to engage in long-term and stable cooperation with language services providers (LSPs). In this process, LSPs have provided foundational and value-added language services to business operations and become a key force of globalization. However, many enterprise clients are skeptical of the value created by LSPs in translation. Are LSPs just middlemen who profit from selling the services of translators?

What Are Controlled Natural Languages?

What Are Controlled Natural Languages

Controlled natural languages (CNLs) are one of the most common branches of natural language, and are well-known to professionals due to their widespread use in technical writing. As a linguistic concept, CNLs are not limited by actual language type, and have gradually developed highly representative technical classifications through their utilization in different industrial environments.

9 Best Free Grammar Checker Tools to Make Editing Easier [for 2022]

9 Best Free Grammar Checker Tools To Make Editing Easier [For 2022]

Finding the most effective free grammar checker application is a challenging endeavor. You cannot manually search for grammatical faults in emails, lengthy blog posts, social media postings, documents, etc. if you have a large workload.

Maxsun Granted ISO 13485: 2016 Medical Devices – Quality Management Systems Certification


In May 2022, Maxsun Translation Shenzhen Co., Ltd. was officially granted ISO 13485: 2016 Medical Devices — Quality Management Systems — Requirements for Regulatory Purposes certification.

The Challenges of UGC Translation in the Internet Era

The Challenges of UGC Translation in the Internet Era

The Internet Era has completely changed the model of consumption, most obviously from traditional offline formats to online formats. Just taking a few minutes to quickly browse through reviews and comments can help us avoid pitfalls and identify red flags, even if they can’t help us find the ideal product right away.

MTPE: Post-Editing or Pre-Editing?

MTPE: Post-Editing or Pre-Editing?

The Internet and AI era have given the age-old art of translation entirely new meanings. Just as with the AI boom started by AlphaGo just a few years ago, after more than 10 years of rapid development, machine translation has also drastically changed the translation industry. While in the past, translation was considered an AI-incompatible cultural discipline that relied entirely on personal knowledge and experience, the industry is now focusing more on how to better integrate machine translation.

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