After studying foreign languages and literatures at the University of Pisa, I’ve started working as a translator in 2004. I’ve always tried to be as versatile as possible, gaining as much experience as possible in a wide range of fields.

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A brief introduction of yourself?

When I entered the Physics Department of Rostov State University in 1996 year, I originally intended to tie my fate with the exact sciences. In this field cannot do nothing without knowledge of foreign languages. I often had to translate journal articles, monographs, patents, and other scientific and technical literature as part of my scientific research. After defending of candidate's dissertation in 2008 year I continued my way in the science. However, my dreams were not destined to come true. Work as a senior researcher in one of the design bureaus has brought me an income of about $ 150 per month. Money was not enough to support my family. And at this point my skills in translating from English into Russian came in very handy. Everything began with small jobs. As I gained experience, the income grew too. After a while the scientific activity had to be left until better times.

The work of a translator was no less interesting than that of a senior researcher. Every day I learned a lot of new and interesting things. My work is in demand and respected. I worked on projects for famous companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, HP, IBM, NetApp, etc. The high quality of my translations has been confirmed by numerous letters of appreciation from customers.

How long have you been working with Maxsun? How did the partnership begin?

I found Maxsun accidentally. There was an announcement on a translator website that they were looking for English to Russian translators. After a successful test translation, I was offered a job. In the beginning they gave me small projects, but then the translation volume started increasing. Now I am offered the most difficult and responsible projects as a symbol of recognition.

What are your impressions of Maxsun? What does Maxsun impress you most?

I have the best impressions of Maxsun. The managers work accurately and are always in contact. Any questions are solved promptly. The company offers convenient payment options and pays in time. The projects are very interesting (electronics, software, fintech, etc.).

What is a typical working day of yours like?

My working day starts in the early morning and goes on until late evening with small interruptions. Now it is impossible to do translations without translation automation tools. For successful work it is necessary to be able to use such systems as Trados, MemoQ, MateCat and others. In addition, the translator must have good skills in searching and using the reference materials available on the Internet.

What is your secret to becoming a great translator/writer?

Some of my friends ask me how to become a good translator. I would answer to this question with a Russian proverb: “Patience and practice will make all things work”. Translations are for those who strive for knowledge.

Do you have any hobbies? What would you do in your leisure time?

I have a lot of hobbies. I collect stamps, like fishing, repair electronics, make tabletop replicas of airplanes, and take part in social work. Unfortunately, nowadays there is very little time left for hobbies. I have to work almost without days off, and use my free time solely for advanced studies in the field of translation automation systems. Now I am actively studying machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

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