Term Hub
Build Better Translation Quality with Terms

Research shows that the overwhelming majority of translation errors occur because terminologies are not properly managed: inconsistent term uses, the absence of key terms, and a lack of professional term management tools could become potential risks to your brand image. 

A fruit of Maxsun’s decade-long devotion to term management innovation, Term Hub is your ideal solution to help build better translation quality with terms.

Term Hub

Boost Translation Productivity with Terms

Search Terms in Trados and a Search Engine

No matter a quick result in a pop-up Trados window or more detailed information in a web-based search engine, the routine of term search is now.

Let More Knowledge Flow with Terms

Upload images to terms or add more information by customizing different fields to let more knowledge flow with terms.

Accessing and Sharing Terms Can’t Be Easier

You don’t need a professional CAT tool to open up a term database file because in Term Hub, everyone can access and share term data with just a few clicks.

Manage Terms

Cloud-Based Single Source Term Management Experience

Collaborate with everyone involved on the same platform, keeping track of the same term.

Run Customized Term Tasks to Tackle More Complicated Issues

You can merge your legacy terms to clean up your database or run QA tasks on translation files to spot term inconsistency.

Strict Role and Permission Control to Ensure Data Security

Who can add, edit, delete, export, and import the terms? It is all your decision.

Term Hub

Query Process
Query Direct

Why Term Hub Is Different

Let your knowledge flow freely and efficiently through the help of the plugin and the internet.

Query Direct
Term Hub

Fuzzy Search on Multi-Dimensional Field to Expand Search Range

Customize the term’s synonyms, acronyms, and other relevant fields that will all be included in the fuzzy search logic to reach more valuable results.

Complete Workflow to Guarantee Accurate Term Lifecycle Control

Each submitted term could be given different status after being reviewed by certain roles to indicate its credibility and the past versions of a term are both manageable and searchable.

Term Hub
Term Hub

Bring Knowledge Management to the Next Level with Query Direct

Queries tagged with specified terms will also be shown in relevant term searches. A new way to level up your knowledge management.

Term Hub Only at Maxsun

The web-based term management system and Trados plugin are all independently developed by Maxsun, with software copyright. Team up with Maxsun and let this unique language innovation benefit your business!