A List of Maxsun‘s
Language Services

Combining quality, accuracy, and efficiency, Maxsun is the one-stop destination for all forms of language support, helping you break down barriers and unlocking a world of seamless communication. Make Maxsun's Language Services your trusted partner and experience unparalleled linguistic assistance.

Document Translation

Maxsun provides fast, reliable translations of business and technical documents in file formats like MS Word, PowerPoint, InDesign, and FrameMaker, using translation memory and terminology to ensure accuracy. Our services cover user manuals, instruction guides, information for use (IFU), and legal contracts.

E-learning Translation

Maxsun specializes in translating eLearning and training courses in 100 languages. We support SCORM files and a wide range of eLearning authoring tools, including Articulate, Decebo and Elucidat. Our fast, quality end-to-end eLearning translation services cover desktop and mobile platforms.

Video Translation

Need your videos translated with subtitles or foreign language dubbing? Maxsun is the answer. We provide fast, professional video translation in all European and Asian languages—just send us the video and its target languages and we'll do the rest.

Enterprise Solutions

We provide continuous translation of all content types, including CMS, XML, DITA, Word, FrameMaker, and InDesign. Our streamlined localization workflows and best practices facilitate efficient collaboration to develop and manage centralized translation memories for real time search and reuse.

Translation Automation with API

Automate localization workflows from start to finish for improved translation efficiency and cost savings. Our RESTful APIs offer all significant translation management features, allowing for easy integration with CMS, CRM, ERP, and other web-based content management systems.

Life Sciences Translation

We provide ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accredited translation solutions tailored to the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industries. Our services include translations of IFUs, clinical trials, medical patents, instruction manuals and software applications.

Website Translation

We specialize in localized website translation, testing, SEO, keyword translation, search engine submissions, construction, and hosting.

Mobile Translation

We offer fast, accurate translation services for mobile devices and desktop computers. Our real-time translation solutions provide linguists the ability to translate anytime, anywhere. Plus, our location-based services and large translation support ensure unrivaled speed and scalability.

Software Localization

We localize all software applications, including CRM, ERP, games, and mobile apps, and perform localization testing, linguistic validation, cosmetic and functional testing. We also offer internationalization consulting and implementation, as well as localized screenshot capture.

Legal Translations

We provide accurate patent translations in Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and 100 other languages. Our machine translation solutions for legal content help create consistency and cost savings. To ensure the best legal translation solutions, we use bilingual lawyers and paralegals.

Interpretation Solutions

Get real-time translation in 100 languages over mobile with modern interpretation solutions via voice or video chat. Enjoy the highest quality and fastest experience with location-based interpretation services.

Financial Translation Services

We provide translation services for financial documents including annual reports, income statements, balance sheets, and earning reports as well as IPO documents and banking/insurance content.

At Maxsun, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional range of top-notch solutions, catering to all your linguistic needs. Our talented team of experts specializes in translation, interpretation, transcription, localization, language consultancy, and language courses tailored to your requirements

Certified Language Services

At your fingertips are a wide range of professional language services.

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Translatioin and Localization

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