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What Are Controlled Natural Languages?

What Are Controlled Natural Languages

Controlled natural languages (CNLs) are one of the most common branches of natural language, and are well-known to professionals due to their widespread use in technical writing. As a linguistic concept, CNLs are not limited by actual language type, and have gradually developed highly representative technical classifications through their utilization in different industrial environments.

MTPE: Post-Editing or Pre-Editing?

MTPE: Post-Editing or Pre-Editing?

The Internet and AI era have given the age-old art of translation entirely new meanings. Just as with the AI boom started by AlphaGo just a few years ago, after more than 10 years of rapid development, machine translation has also drastically changed the translation industry. While in the past, translation was considered an AI-incompatible cultural discipline that relied entirely on personal knowledge and experience, the industry is now focusing more on how to better integrate machine translation.

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