How can I get the best translation services? - The Importance of Having a Style Guide

Choosing the right translation service provider can differentiate between success and failure. If you are looking for the best translation service at the best price, you have come to the right place. Maxsun Translation offers a wide range of translation services from over 200+ languages, with expert translation, friendly service, fast turnaround, and competitive prices. We also offer a free translation quote for you to compare with other services. No deposit is required.

Improving your online presence can help your business tremendously. One way is by hiring professional translation services like those provided by Maxsun. Why is translation important? It helps you reach a wider audience. And, just as a poor website translation can make your message come across wrong, so can a poorly translated marketing brochure, business card, or even website.

Provide as much context as possible

With technology advancing at a lightning pace, new words are being created every day, and existing words gain new meanings. In other words, the English language is constantly evolving, and we are left to keep up with it. Translation services have been trying to help us out with this over the years, but there are a few things they can't do, like find a word's original meaning. Or can they? If a word evolves, it will naturally accumulate more than one definition, and an exhaustive online translation service will have a copy of each one.

This post will show you how to use Maxsun Translation's extensive translation corpus to find the original meaning of a word or phrase.
Provide high-quality source text

Source texts are the heart and soul of any translation project. If the source text is not high quality, you won’t have a good translation.

World-class technical writing requires accuracy and precision. Whether you’re writing software instructions or instructions for assembling a product, it is essential to present instructions in a way that is precise and easy to follow. Writing clearly is your goal, and the best way to do that is to produce high-quality source text. If you want to write clear instructions, you must have clearly organized text.

Develop a style guide

The word “style guide” might seem like an odd choice for a technical writing resource. After all, what does having a “style guide” have to do with, well, style? Most people don't realize that a company's style guide is responsible for a lot of the communication that goes on at the company. Such a guide can be used throughout the company to ensure that all the employees speak the same language, regardless of which department or language they speak.

Style guides are a unique type of document. They are the last thing a business or organization will write, but they are the first thing a business or organization will need when starting a project. Why? Because they describe the style and format for every other document, a business or organization will write.

If a business or organization needs to write a pamphlet, a brochure, a website, or even a book, it will refer to the style guide to ensure the look, feel, and style is consistent. The same goes for any project. A style guide provides a living document that, if developed properly, defines the rules for all future projects.

Use a glossary

A glossary is a list of terms you frequently use in your writing. It can refer to a list of terms used in a specific field, such as a glossary of baseball terms, or it can refer to a list of terms that are commonly used in regular, day-to-day writing. A glossary is most effective when you can link to the terms in your text so that the reader can click on the term and be taken directly to the definition of the word. (Word add-in programs such as the Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus or can help you create these linked glossaries.)

Whether you are writing instructions for a product or a website on your company's website, you should use a glossary. When you use a glossary, you define the meaning of words in your document. People who read your document will then have a better understanding of it.

Actively communicate with the translator.

The translation is a creative process that requires both knowledge and understanding. Just as you have to understand the technical material to cite the proper references and use the correct terminology, so must you understand the spoken and written word in the target language to create a style that reads naturally and is appropriate to the target audience.

In a perfect world, every translator reaches fluency in both the source and target language, is bilingual and bicultural, and has the same writing style as the original writer. This is rarely the case, and the final translation often bears little resemblance to the original document. The translator is not your enemy and should not be treated as such. He or she should be seen as an ally in the language translation process, someone who can help your document stand out.

There are hundreds of ways to translate a document into a foreign language. Some experts suggest translating the text word by word; others suggest using translation memory software, and still, others recommend using translation software. However, no matter which approach you choose, you must actively communicate with the translator.

Use preferred translators

First of all, you should always try to use translators that are native speakers, but in many cases, you will not have that option. So it would help if you tried to find a translator who doesn't only have experience with your source language but also has experience with the target language. This will ensure that everything that could have been misunderstood is interpreted correctly. You should also make sure that the translator has experience with the subject of the text to take more liberties with the translated text.

Maxsun Translation offers translation in more than 200+ languages. It has over 5,000 registered translators, and translators who work for this site take on translation projects in their fields of expertise. For example, a translation request for Korean to Spanish would be assigned to a translator who speaks both languages fluently.

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