5 Types of Technical Writing

What Are The Different Types Of Technical Writing? To understand this, let's see what technical writing is all about. A technical document is a document that describes an element of a program, hardware, or software and explains how it works. The purpose of technical documents is to describe the inner workings of something and why that element is being used, why it works, or what it is designed to do. Technical writing is also known as scientific writing or a technical journal or article. As the technical documents are more technical, their information is more difficult to understand for general readers. So they must be written in a way that makes sense, and the writing style should follow a scientific style. Most of the documents that scientists produce are called researches or scientific papers. In order to give you an idea of the different types, I will give you examples:

Computer Software Documentation

In the context of computer software documentation, what we call a module, application bundle. In a document that describes a system, the description would go something like this. The system's architecture, control mechanisms, data structures, communication protocols, and software applications are necessary for implementing the system.

Laboratory Scientific Research Paper

Another example would be a laboratory scientific research paper. In this type of document, the author will describe their research study in a very detailed and descriptive way. Then the document creation process begins. The author will gather data, collect analysis reports and produce a manuscript based on their findings. The main purpose of a research document is to provide accurate and clear scientific data. So this type of document is usually required for publication or submission to scientific journals.

Technical Reports

Technical writing is used in the business world extensively. From patents to licenses to technical reports, there are many places where this specialized type of writing is used. There are many types of technical writing. For instance, business documents are typically a combination of text and graphics with or without illustrations and are usually presented in a professional style, such as encyclopedias or white papers.

Medical Documents

Medical documents are a perfect example of technical writing. The authors of these types of documents must describe scientific data in an exact and inclusive manner. They must provide a complete study and description of the invention, and they are describing and explain the utility of the invention in relation to known medical conditions and situations. The authors of medical documents must also be careful to spell and quote accurately from the medical references correctly.

Describes Controlled Systems

Another type of technical writing is that which describes controlled systems. A system is a collection of interacting physical and electrical processes that produce an end result, such as a pump that functions to create milk. In this case, the exact type of technical documentation required would be a report on a specific system, its construction, operation, and any improvements or modifications that have been made since the initial publication.


Finally, one of the most important categories of what are the different types of technical writing is that which involves scientific information. This is commonly known as scientific writing. Scientific information is generally required in applications that involve physical sciences, such as those involved with genetics, physiology, biochemistry, and other areas. In fact, the entire topic of biology can be written about in a scientific report, although the term can apply to a variety of other areas as well. Authors who choose to specialize in the area of scientific writing will often have an advanced degree or expertise in a particular scientific discipline, so it is useful to narrow down the topic in advance. Authors who do not hold an advanced degree in a scientific discipline can still write an extremely informative technical document if they choose to specialize in the field.  

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