9 Best Free Grammar Checker Tools to Make Editing Easier [for 2022]

9 Best Free Grammar Checker Tools To Make Editing Easier [For 2022]
9 Best Free Grammar Checker Tools To Make Editing Easier [For 2022]
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Finding the most effective free grammar checker application is a challenging endeavor. You cannot manually search for grammatical faults in emails, lengthy blog posts, social media postings, documents, etc. if you have a large workload.
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Finding the most effective free grammar checker application is a challenging endeavor. You cannot manually search for grammatical faults in emails, lengthy blog posts, social media postings, documents, etc. if you have a large workload.

In addition, if you are just starting in business or as a blogger, price constraints make it nearly hard to engage a professional team to correct small grammatical errors and ensure that your text is error-free.

To assist you in identifying the best free choices for automating your grammar check, we've produced a list of the best English grammar checkers.

Let's begin!

The Top Free Grammar Checker Resources

Now that we've discussed why you should consider utilizing a free grammar checker, let's look at eight fantastic tools that can help you improve your English writing. Although all of them are free, several provide paid versions with additional capabilities if you need them.

Top 6 AI Writing Tools for Content Writing [in 2023]

1. Grammarly

Top 6 AI Writing Tools for Content Writing [in 2023]

Grammarly is one of the top free tools for checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

It allows you to examine 100,000 characters at once. Then, simply copy and paste the material into the Grammarly editor, which will be analyzed for correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. A text editor-like interface makes it simple to format text with bold, italics, header tags, and other elements.

If you wish to utilize it directly in your WordPress site or emails, you may use a free Chrome or Firefox browser extension that underlines errors in red.

There is also a mobile app enabling offline proofreading of everything you write on your phone.

Grammarly Free

  • AI-powered text validation
  • AI-powered text validation
  • SSL/TLS with 256-bit AES encryption
  • Personal dictionary
  • one user per account
  • Compatible with mobile interface

Grammarly Premium

  • Advanced style suggestions
  • Better sentence structure analysis
  • Tone and formality level checker
  • Wordiness and ineffective vocabulary filter
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Style consistency checker
  • Human proofreading (additional cost)
  • Inclusive language
  • AML SSO (for accounts with 50+ users)
  • Word choice

Grammarly Business

  • Everything in Premium
  • Style guide
  • Snippets
  • Brand tones
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Priority email support
  • Account roles and permissions
  • Invoicing available for annual plans of 10 seats or more

Certified Language Services

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Content Services

Technical Writing
Copywriting & Marcom Writing
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Translatioin and Localization

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Transcreation Service

2. Writer

Top 6 AI Writing Tools for Content Writing [in 2023]

With a 4.7/5 user rating on services such as SiteJabber, Writer is among the top online grammar checkers.

The AI-powered tool is an ideal answer for copy editing everything from emails to Google Docs.

This writing tool has intelligent AI algorithms for editing and integrates with HubSpot, WordPress, Twitter, Slack, and many more.

Writer For Individuals

  • Checking for readability and language
  • Grammar and spelling editor
  • The analyzer of aspect and punctuation
  • Inclusivity and check for plagiarism
  • Verb conjugations
  • 1-click editing
  • Company-approved terminology and phrases

Writer For Teams and Businesses

  • Content scoring
  • Up to 200 custom terms
  • One style guide that allows you to have a consistent writing style throughout your texts
  • Content security
  • API access and SSO (higher-tier)
  • EU-US privacy shield
  • AICPA SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance
  • Email support

3. Ginger

Top 6 AI Writing Tools for Content Writing [in 2023]

Ginger is the following tool in our best free grammar checkers list. Ginger is an online spell checker and proofreading tool. The first one is mainly concerned with spelling and grammar.

The contextual spellchecker determines the repair that best suits the original sentence's meaning. So, not only does it improve your writing skills, but it also increases your productivity.

Ginger is available as a browser extension, MS Word/Outlook integration, iOS/Android, and Windows software, as well as directly from their website.

It is ideal for checking irregular verbs and adverbs, complex wording, misspellings, and standard English grammar rules.

Ginger Free

  • Intelligent grammar and spelling checker
  • Concurrently proofread and compose
  • Available third-party integrations
  • Individualized training sessions
  • Checking the terminology management style
  • Information base

Ginger Business

  • Unlimited AI-powered corrections
  • Word definitions
  • Unlimited synonyms
  • Unlimited sentence rephrasing
  • 40+ language translations
  • 7-day money-back guarantee

4. Scribens

Top 6 AI Writing Tools for Content Writing [in 2023]

Scribens is a free grammar checker program that allows you to effortlessly check for hundreds of typos and grammar, spelling, and style issues.

Powered by complex algorithms, the software claims to be superior to Microsoft Word. For example, you can alter the vocabulary options to British or American English. Choose between manually correcting uncertain proper nouns or allowing autocorrect to do its job. It also allows you to choose the document's font size, so you don't have to change it repeatedly when editing.

The following table lists the color codes for Scribens:

  • Grammar – red
  • Verbs – green
  • Suggestion – yellow
  • Typography and punctuation (commas, etc.) – blue

Overall, it is excellent for proofreading and manually altering blog articles, but it cannot be used for more complex editing because it lacks plagiarism checking and reporting capabilities.

Scribens Free

  • Corrections to the spelling and grammar
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Dictionary availability
  • No word limit per day
  • Enhanced proofreading
  • Improvement of vocabulary
  • Modification and subjectivity
  • Windows, Mac, and browser compatibility

Scribens Premium

  • Text checks up to 200,000 characters
  • Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice
  • Direct email checks (Gmail/Outlook/Hotmail/Yahoo)
  • Direct correction for Facebook, WordPress, and more
  • Backup and management of recent texts
  • Premium version for the French language
  • Multiple useful extensions
  • No advertising

5. Zoho Writer

Top 6 AI Writing Tools for Content Writing [in 2023]

Zoho Writer is an excellent online tool for detecting misspellings, grammatical faults, and style problems. This free grammar checker solution is loaded with an abundance of useful features.

You will notice intelligent suggestions such as context-aware suggestions (such effect/affect), subject-verb agreement, redundancy, and highlighting punctuation errors.

The intelligent writing helper in Zoho Writer monitors how you employ adverbs, clichés, and passive voice. Zoho Writer, a robust word processor, is ideal for creating flawless, professional documents and files for your business.

Key Features

  • Check wordy expressions
  • Word choice error repair
  • Writing helper based on artificial intelligence
  • Readability analysis
  • Flesch-Kincaid index
  • Enhancing the quality of writing
  • Spelling and style check
  • Detector for polysyllabic words and run-on phrases

6. LanguageTool

Top 6 AI Writing Tools for Content Writing [in 2023]

LanguageTool is an alternative to Grammarly that can be utilized as a writing aid (with a few better features).

LanguageTool checks for errors in grammar and style. Additionally, it is bilingual; you may modify information in English, German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. This grammar checker is free for texts up to 10,000 characters long.

LanguageTool Free

  • Standard grammar and punctuation checker and style checking
  • Devoid of interruptions while writing
  • Individual lexicon
  • Textual evaluations of quality
  • Text files safely preserved
  • Multiple integrations
  • Multiple languages
  • Access further advice
  • macOS app available
  • Browser add-ons

LanguageTool Premium

  • Style/tone suggested corrections
  • Up to 60k characters per text field
  • Detection for incorrect names and email titles
  • Incorrect number detection (IBAN, ISBN,..)
  • Add-on for Microsoft Word
  • Add-on for Google Docs
  • User management

7. Jetpack

Top 6 AI Writing Tools for Content Writing [in 2023]

Jetpack is one of the most well-known WordPress plugins for site security, performance optimization, and other effective functions (one of which is the Jetpack proofreading module).

Simply navigate to Jetpack > Settings > Writing and enable the spelling, style, and grammar check capabilities to have your errors highlighted in the WordPress editor with the following colors:

  • Improper use of spelling and misspellings – Red
  • Grammar mistakes – Green
  • Style recommendations -Blue

(The Proofreading module has been removed from Jetpack since version 7.3. Therefore, this feature is only accessible if you're using an earlier version of the plugin.)

Jetpack Free Version

  • Color coding for mistake detection
  • English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish are available
  • Exclusive WordPress plugin
  • Regular updates from the team at Automattic
  • No hidden fees

8. Linguix

Top 6 AI Writing Tools for Content Writing [in 2023]

Linguix examines your writing for problems and offers context-appropriate grammar, punctuation, and style suggestions. With over 2700+ complex corrections covering thousands of issues ranging from grammar to style, the tool is more than a simple spell checker. Linguix provides extensive explanations for common problems and suggestions for improving the readability and appearance of business communications, academic papers, and personal projects.

The web application contains a private mode for editing sensitive content. This mode enables you to modify a document, after which the data associated with those changes are deleted. The browser extension assists in correcting writing errors across the web, including Google Docs, email, professional tools for content creation, and numerous chat apps.

In addition, retail and corporate customers of Linguix can develop their snippets for expedited writing. These draft texts are used to automate repetitive writing operations, such as booking meetings or sending introductions.

Integrated vocabulary suggestions assist users in adding color to their work. Linguix not only assists with writing but also with reading. Simply utilize the “Look Up in Linguix” function to obtain the definition immediately.

Key Features

  • Spelling, grammar, and style check software.
  • Rewriting and enhancing sentences using a rephrasing tool.
  • For quicker authoring, use snippets and content templates.
  • Advanced perceptions and readability scores
  • Integration of browser add-ons and third-party applications.
  • Team management and business dashboards
  • Writing insights for both businesses and individual users.

9. Virtual Writing Tutor

Top 6 AI Writing Tools for Content Writing [in 2023]

Virtual Writing Tutor is a free online platform that may be used for various purposes, including producing cover letters, reviewing essays, and training for IELTS tests.

Its use as a grammar checker provides numerous editing possibilities (even though the design looks pretty basic).

Virtual Writing Tutor can be used to check for grammar, punctuation, spelling, paraphrasing, and vocabulary errors. In addition, if you have recently started a blog, you will appreciate the built-in word count and structural checkers.

Virtual Writing Tutor Key Features

  • Term-checking tool
  • Academic and conversational vocabulary examination tool
  • Cliches and force words are examined
  • Error correction activity
  • API service for word counting and Grammar Checking
  • Checker of phrases
  • Phone and ticket-based responsive design help

Which is the best free grammar checker?

Numerous grammar tools are available, some of which are not listed here, such as Hemingway, ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke, etc.

With a free grammar checker, you can edit your blog faster and appear more professional.

However, when it comes to precision and accuracy in error checking, only a few options have been shown to consistently deliver quality results.

  • Grammarly is the best option if you need a tool to check grammar while writing content.
  • Zoho Writer may be a better option if you're looking for a quality online tool that you'll use occasionally.

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