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Make your data work for you to create your competitive edge

Data is one of your organization’s most valuable resources. With Big Data powering your competitive advantage, making information work for you is a business imperative. When fully leveraged, it will help your organization control costs, understand your customers and the market and, ultimately, improve your bottom line. MAXSUN’s agile data management solutions provide that leverage, taking your data beyond basic integration and turning it into insightful and actionable information.
Please learn more of our specific data management offerings below:

Translation memory management

Translation memory system is a program that stores segments of source and target language text, it then suggests their usage when identical or similar sentences appear in later texts, the translator checks the sentence in the context of the new document and accepts the suggestion. It is essentially a linguistic prompting system, a kind of “extension” to one’s memory. This brings the benefits of:

Consistent corporate language
Standardizing company knowledge
Improved quality – simplified production
Greater linguistic consistency
Shorter delivery times
Dramatic cost saving up to 30%

We could create the Translation memory from your existed translations, in this way, you never have to translate the same sentence twice.

Terminology management

We work closely with you to develop terminology lists, glossaries and equivalency tables that help us put your know-how to good use. A company-specific dictionary or glossary is an essential, versatile resource that:

Standardizes the company’s language use in areas from research to marketing
Increases the consistency of documents and translations
Maximizes the accuracy of translations
Helps shorten the learning curve for new employees

These lists are then constantly updated during all future projects. Any suggestions from your side for translating certain terms will be immediately incorporated into these glossaries and used for future translations.

Translation project management

Our culture of teamwork focuses first on optimizing processes, automating them, and then applying preventive – rather than corrective – quality control procedures. Therefore, you can rest assured that your project is well in hand, leaving you free to dedicate more of your time to your business. Our Project Manager will:

Customize translation process workflow based on your specific needs
Prepare style guides and monitor quality assurance checklists
Maintain multilingual glossaries and translation memory specific to your projects
Coordinate your own “translators” (distributors/sales people/technicians) and monitor the progress
Communicate proactively with you at each milestone to resolve linguistic issues and technical problems
Document individual project history
Benefits our customers have realized
The ability to pull data from numerous sources in a reliable, secure manner
Reduced time to insights
Significant cost savings compared to managing big data in-house
Preservation of original data fidelity for reuse across ever-changing contexts

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