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The difference expertise makes

When presenting translation to your clients, the written word is only half of the story. Proper translation desktop publishing compliments the language and respects your readers. It is a critical service for a nominal price.
Our desktop publishing experts are trained and experienced in every language we support. We have a vast library of tools, fonts, and processes available to not only get your design into the target language, but to make it look and feel like it was created in-country.

Right to Left and Left to Right

Some writing systems of the world, such as Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu, are written in a form known as right-to-left (RTL), RTL does not only mean that the text is aligned to the right, but also that the reading direction and the entire layout is from right-to-left. The layout is very similar to a mirror view of the equivalent Latin-based text.
For example:

the leftmost menu item in an English user interface (UI) will be the rightmost menu item in a right-to-left UI
direction of flow and arrows in flowcharts will be the inverse of their Latin counterpart

One of the major issues in RTL localization is handling intermingled RTL and English text. For the text to display correctly, RTL and LTR code or Unicode markup need to be inserted in the appropriate places. Without specialized expertise and techniques, simple operations, such as copying, pasting or printing, can disrupt the grammar and cause misspellings.
Our team has hands–on experience producing Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, and Urdu documents in InDesign ME (Specialized Middle Eastern Version) since 2005. Work with us and we will provide you with the most creative solutions in Arabic typesetting and translation. You will benefit from our in-depth knowledge, gained over 10 years, and enjoy a stress-free experience from start to finish.

DTP software that we work with

We work with nearly every type of software application, including the Adobe family of products and for every purpose, including web and print. Below is some of the common software that we work with. If you do not see your preferred software type below, please contact us to ask, it is likely that it is within our range of capabilities.

Adobe Acrobat Adobe FrameMaker Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator QuarkXPress
Adobe Flash Adobe FreeHand CorelDraw
Adobe RoboHelp Dreamweaver Adobe PageMake
AutoCAD iWork OpenOffice
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Quicksilver Database publishing
Microsoft Office Suite
(Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Visio)
Adobe Indesign CS4 ME
(Middle Eastern Version for Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi)
Scripting languages such as:
ASP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SGML and XML
Our DTP services include:
Document Conversion
Template Design
Web Design
Graphic Design

MAXSUN Translation can handle everything from DTP for documentation, to graphics localization of software and multimedia projects.

Our multilingual typesetting quality control processes

We guarantee the quality of our multilingual typesetting services. That is, we guarantee that all text will be in the correct place, font usage will be appropriate, and our layout will follow accepted conventions for the languages involved. This ensures that the final result will be pleasing to the eye in the target market(s).

Our quality control processes involve:
typesetting by an experienced foreign language typesetter
print out and systematic hard copy check
second check by Project Manager
original translator verify both the translation and the artwork.

This process has proven very successful over many years in ensuring our artwork is always of high professional standard.

Order DTP services online!

Contact MAXSUN today to obtain a free quote on your next DTP project or to ask us how MAXSUN Translation can help with your DTP needs.

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