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Translation business management system

MAXSUN understands how difficult it is for multiple Language Service Providers (LSPs) to coordinate and organize translation projects especially when managing thousands of freelance translators around the globe. We have developed a Translation Business Management System to integrate translation service providers and other internal project partners into one platform, creating a seamless flow of information among all users.
By using the advanced Translation Business Management System, LSPs can double productivity of their project managers, let them work regular office hours without need for overtime, make them more happy and motivated by establishing clear workflow and reliable collaboration platform. Streamlined translation processes and advanced Translation Business Management System also enable the LSPs to handle large translation volumes in the shortest time possible, help LSPs keep a perfect record of being highly punctual in delivering translations. It tremendously simplifies task of corporate and freelance workflow management, data and files sharing within company and provides multiple benefits for each team member.

There are several key features of the translation business management system:

Streamlined project management processes
Tracks every project from several different perspectives - complete project details, timelines, all project related files, audit trails of status/events, PO numbers, invoices, translation memory updates, and reports are all maintained in one place
Access to employee workflow information, including schedules and workloads
Accessible timelines related to translation projects
Real-time status tracking capabilities
Automation and technology enhance accuracy, quality and productivity

Contact us to learn how MAXSUN Translation Business Management System can help you save money and improve project management & turnaround times.

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