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Over 80 target languages and 200 language combinations

We have capabilities for translating any of the below languages to or from English. In addition, we also translate language pairs including most common European and Asian languages, such as German into Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and etc.
With our professional network we can source almost any language for you and help you communicate professionally in virtually any language.

Languages we translate
Europe   Americas
Albanian   English (US)
Bosnian   French (Canadian)
Bulgarian   Portuguese (Brazil)
Catalan   Spanish (Latin America)
Czech   Asia (East - South East)
Danish   Chinese (Simplified - Mainland China)
Dutch   Chinese (Traditional - Taiwan)
English (UK)   Chinese (Traditional - Hong Kong)
Estonian   Indonesian
Finnish   Japanese
Flemish   Korean
French (France)   Malay
French (Belgium)   Phaasaalaao
German   Tagalog (Pilipino)
Greek   Thai
Hungarian   Tibetan
Icelandic   Vietnamese
Italian   Africa - Middle East - Asia
Latvian   Afrikaans
Lithuanian   Arabic
Luxembourgish   Azerbaijani
Macedonian   Bengali
Maltese   Burmese
Moldavian   Farsi
Norwegian   Georgian
Polish   Gujarati
Portuguese (Portugal)   Hebrew
Romanian   Hindi
Russian   Kazakh
Serbian   Mongolian
Slovak   Pashto
Slovenian   Punjabi
Spanish (Spain)   Swahili
Swedish   Tamil
Turkish   Urdu
Ukrainian   Uzbek
Welsh   Yiddish
Translators team

Our strength is our qualified and experienced translators. We believe that the best translation quality comes from excellent people backed by excellent process. All our translators are language specialists with the majority having a master’s degree in translation. They must show industry experience so they can match and translate for specific industries. We have a strict recruitment process and translators are rated as follows:

Qualified translators - All our translators are qualified as professional translators.
Industry specialists - They must have specific industry knowledge to deliver the best translation for each client.
Native speakers - Our translators only translate into their native language and reside in country.
TOP language combinations?

Our TOP 20 language combinations are:

English to German translation English to Chinese translation
English to French translation English to Japanese translation
English to Spanish translation English to Korean translation
English to Italian translation English to Arabic translation
English to Dutch translation German to Italian translation
English to Portuguese translation German to French translation
English to Danish translation German to Chinese translation
English to Swedish translation French to English translation
English to Finnish translation German to English translation
English to Polish translation Chinese to English translation

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  MAXSUN’s translations are characterized by excellent quality, timeliness and accuracy. I’ve had a deep look on the translation and I’m very satisfied about it! Good style! Please say thank you for your team for making this project a success again. We checked Dutch first as we are all native Dutch speakers here. First impression is that the Dutch translation is very good. Thanks again!





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