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On-site interpreting

Whether you are conducting a seminar, meeting or sensitive business negotiation, MAXSUN can provide you with consecutive and simultaneous interpreters who meet your language and subject needs.
MAXSUN has a team of over 800 interpreters ready to help our clients, 24 hours a day, 365 days every year. All of our interpreters have extensive experience in their own specialties and forms of interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive, etc.).
Qualified interpreters not only render the words of one language into another, but also illuminate the feelings behind those words. To be effective, the interpreter must:

Have ample experience with interpreting
Have in-depth knowledge of the subject area
Integrate cultural preferences into their choice of words and phrases with only a split second to think about them

People often ask us how far in advance one must request services. We welcome all requests regardless of their timeliness. That being said, resources are abundant, but not unlimited, so please give us as much notice as you can. Our schedulers seem to work miracles every day so please allow us to work on accommodating your last minute need. We will work as fast as is appropriate to your circumstance and provide you an answer according to your deadlines.

Consecutive interpreting

It is used primarily for small groups and one-on-one situations, including interviews, parent-teacher conferences, business negotiation and etc.
This is how it works: One person speaks in, say, English. The interpreter then renders this into another language, such as German. The second person responds in German. The interpreter then renders this response back into English.

Simultaneous interpreting

It is primarily used in formal group situations, including diplomatic conferences, conventions, courtrooms, meetings, tours and seminars. It is sometimes called UN-style interpreting or conference interpreting.
It is “simultaneous” because the linguist interprets the spoken word from the source language into a target language in real time while the speech or presentation is in progress. The interpretation is transmitted to all listeners at once, often via special headsets.

Chuchotage, or whispering

It is the most widely used technique in company meetings where people speak different languages; the interpreter sits next to someone and translates what is being said for them. The interpreter also translates in the other direction when the person they are translating for speaks.

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